Health Star Ratings

Health Star Ratings is a voluntary front-of-pack labelling system adopted by New Zealand and Australia in 2014 for packaged foods. 
Health Star Ratings rate the healthiness of packaged food from half a star to five stars. Foods lower in saturated fat, sugar or sodium, and/or higher in fibre, protein, nut, legume, fruit or vegetable content have higher star ratings.
Health Star Ratings provide a quick easy way for shoppers to choose healthier packaged foods. Shoppers can use the health stars to compare similar types of packaged foods, for example breakfast cereals with other breakfast cereals, or muesli bars with muesli bars.
Health Star Ratings are calculated by food manufacturers using an algorithm-based calculator.

Most manufacturers have undertaken to put Health Star Ratings on their entire product ranges (including private labels or own brand products). Over time, there will be more packaged foods displaying Health Stars as packaging is updated and stock in stores is replenished.
Health Star Ratings apply to packaged foods as these are the foods consumers have the most difficulty with making healthier choices. Health Stars are one tool to help consumers make healthier food choices. 
The Ministry for Primary Industries administers the Health Star Rating system in New Zealand.
Te Hiringa Hauora/Health Promotion Agency is working with the Ministry for Primary Industries and Ministry of Health on the consumer awareness campaign, which rolled out in March 2016.  See below for campaign materials and details. 
 What can I do?
Include information in your newsletters so your network knows about Health Star Ratings. A suggested article is provided below. 
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Web tiles are also available below for download.

Consumer campaign materials

  • Campaign videos

    View the six YouTube videos created for the campaign
  • Web tile (red)

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  • Web tile (green)

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  • Web tile (red & purple)

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Other information available

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