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Infant Feeding resources

They provide information about what, when and how to introduce solid foods at around six months of age.

These are designed to help parents and caregivers recognise the signs of infant readiness to start solid foods and the signs of infants' feeling full. There is evidence that preserving infants’ natural ability to self-regulate how much food they need can help children grow up to be a healthy weight in adulthood.
At you can find everything you need to know about when and how to start your baby on solids. There are tips to help you know your baby has had enough to eat. Plus lots of easy baby food recipes.
  • Guide for parents - English

    A guide for parents and caregivers to download - this is designed as a handy reference to help parents know when their baby is ready to try solid foods and when their baby has had enough to eat.  
  • Fridge magnets - English

    A set of fridge magnets for homes – helpful reminders showing what first foods are best and the signs of infant fullness.    
  • Talk cards for health providers

    Talk-cards for health providers – these contain additional information to support the advice in the parent guide and conversations with parents.  These cards are designed to be kept and re-used by health providers.  
  • Guide for parents - Te Reo

  • Fridge magnets - Te Reo

  • Guide for parents - Urdu

  • Fridge magnets - Urdu

  • Guide for parents - Mandarin

  • Fridge magnets - Mandarin

  • Guide for parents - Korean

  • Fridge magnets - Korean

  • Guide for parents - Hindi

  • Fridge magnets - Hindi

  • Guide for parents - Punjabi

  • Fridge magnets - Punjabi